David Marsh Ph.D., Hon.D., is author of The CLIL Trajectory: Educational Innovation for the 21st Century iGeneration, Córdoba Academic Press (2013), and lead author of The Higher Education English Language Landscape: Ensuring Quality in English Language Degree Programmes, VIU (2013). He is co-author of Uncovering CLIL, Integrated Learning in Bilingual and Multilingual Education, Macmillan (2008); Content and Language Integrated Learning, Cambridge University Press (2010); and co-editor of Quality Interfaces: Examining Evidence & Exploring Solutions, Eichstätt Academic Press (2012). Awarded degrees in the United Kingdom, Spain and Finland, he currently works on educational development in Latin America and the Middle East. Formally acting as an educational advisor in MENA, he is now Lead Expert (Innovation, Research and Practice) at EduCluster Finland, University of Jyväskylä group, Finland.


Inside the Minds of the Multilingual Internet Generation

Think CLIL 2014 enables us to celebrate 20 years of innovative practices which are contributing to a re-shaping of languages in education from early learning through to adult education. Since 1994 we have witnessed profound global shifts in attitudes towards how education needs to be transformed so that it is fit-for-purpose in the 21st century. CLIL plays an increasingly active role in achieving positive educational change at a deeper and more significant level than initially envisaged in the 1990s. Alongside changes in the positioning of languages and social cohesion, there are two emergent phenomena which are also driving global interest and uptake of integrated language learning. One is the impact of bi-literacy on the minds, brains and well-being of young people. The other is on the needs and expectations of these individuals resulting from early and extensive use of advanced technologies. This presentation blends understanding of the impact of each on the transversals of human health and well-being through CLIL practice.